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Full Management Classifieds Script

» Create custom-fields

Create custom-fields for different subcategories of your classifieds site. Custom field can be input textfield or dropdown menus or numeric field. For ex. custom fields name Vehicle Color, Vehicle Size for For Sale > Cars category.

» Bulk import tool

Enables you to import cateogires, subcategories, regions, cities and areas in your classifieds website via text file format. Easier solution over adding one by one. Such tool is available via admin panel access along with format guideline.

» Editor for language(s)

You can define your default language from the admin panel. In addition you're able to use the Language Editor tool to make changes of any texts you see on your website as per your requirements or translate to a new language by yourself.

» Ads renewal notifications

Users receives automated e-mail defined by you to renew their posted ads before it expires. You can set how many number of days before you want the email to be sent out. Which provides user with link to renew their ad.

» Send newsletter email

Allow your users to subscribe to your newsletter upon posting ads with a small check box. Which allows them to accept to receive e-mail from you. And thus you can send those group directly via your admin panel of the classifieds website.

» Control sidebars

You can enable or disable the sidepanel from the admin panel. You can switch it to show only in homepage and/or in all the pages of the script. This way you can personalise your site even more without needing to do any changes to code.

» Manage Ads Professionally

Ads are very easily manage-able via admin panel with bulk action executable. Easily a list of IP could be blocked from the ads and many more. You can manually verify ads or mark-it as a featured ad with specific expiry date. Includes greater search tool to filter your ads by abuse reports, expiry date, hits, cities, status etc.

» Unlimited cities/towns

Easiest among the classifeids market, you can add locations via simple three level manner in step by step process. According to your own order that you want the site to display. It could be Country > City > Area or Region > State > City. It is very customizable as per reqiurements. You can also upload in text file format.

» Configure layout in admin

Using out feature control settings, you can now easily set the layout of your homepage from admin-panel. You can set how many numbers of categories you want to display and/or how many columns of cities you want to show. In addition you can choose to show or hide calendar, image posts, default location on-visit etc. Its easier than ever before.

» Choose your currency

The script has built-in list of currencies supported from which you can choose yours for accepting payments. However, it is limited to the numbers of currency supported by the payment gateway.

» Unlimited categories

Add unlimited numbers of categories and subcategories. Followed by unlimited subcategory's dedicated options which includes drop-down menus, text-feilds & numeric fields.

» Manage user's account

Users can be managed from admin panel easily. Including making amendments to their profile, update their password and suspend or unsuspend their account and/or delete or adding users.

» Block IP addresses

Certain user's IP or spam user's IP block might be needed to keep control of your website and our IP Block tool in admin panel will allow you to block any IP address or range of IP addresses to forbid their access to your classifieds website.

» Block e-mail domain(s)

As a part of customization, you may want to block certain e-mail domain(s) to be blocked from posting ads/events on your classifieds website. For example, you may block signups from ( or any other of your needs from admin panel.

» Set flooding control

Prevents overwhelming of ad posts on your classifieds website by using our flooding control tool presented in the admin panel. This allows you to set a certain numbers of time a user have to wait before he/she can post one after again.

» Spam words filtering

Allows easier way to mark certain ad/event post as spam by pre-defining the list of words those are predictably as spam words and by counting how many of them are preseneted.

» Bad words filtering

Keep your site clean by replacing the list of pre-defined words that you want to be replaced when a user tries to write & post it on your classifieds website.

» Google's reCaptcha

Google's reCaptcha is found to be the most efficient spam prevention and thus it is integrated in our classifieds script to prevent spam/bot posts. Its free and the most advanced protection.

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