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SNetworks no longer tolerates any violation of our terms. Therefore, you must agree to all the statements before making your purchase.

Your understanding

By purchasing, installing or using SNetworks PHP Classifieds, you are agreeing to the following terms. DO NOT purchase, install or use the script, if any of these terms on this page are not acceptable for you. If you have any questions, you may contact us by clicking here.

1. PRO License suite usage

PRO license suite(s) allows you to install SNetworks PHP Classifieds under one domain name only and these suites licenses are no longer allowed to install under multiple domain names. Every domain is verified manually by our review department. You can do all types of customization you want with the script version (front-end only). You can easily modify the script in your own way as the source codes are unencrypted and there are no chances for the script to crash unlike our old encrypted regular license. You are not allowed to remove the script powered by text unless you purchase Textlink Removal authorization additionally from our website (this portion is encrypted by force to prevent script branding). Reselling or redistributing copy of the script is strictly phoibited. Script license can only be owned by an individual or a corporation/company and cannot have multiple owners. However, transfer of license ownsership is allowed via SNetworks transfer process methods (more info on transfer can be found upon contacting our team).

2. Developers license usage

Developer's license are eligible for programmer or developer or agent/firm working for external client's project or working on using SNetworks PHP Classified's script features. It is allowed to install under unlimited numbers of domain names without any restrictions for your own websites or your client's website. 100% soruce codes are available including front-end and back-end for the ability for any kind of modification. Requirement of purchasing Textlink Removal Authorization additionally for script branding is not necessarry for this license type. While all the statements in this page still applies. You are not allowed to re-distribute or resell the script for free or for a charge without the original branding name of SNetworks on any website or marketplace. Selling copies dedicatedly online via any channel(s) is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to sell/regenerate any license against your copy of the developers license for internal or external purpose. SNetworks reserves full rights over the script's usage, either for your website or for your end-client's website.

3. Script branding for suites

A textlink removal authorization (product) allows you to make your own branding in our SNetworks PHP Classifieds scripts. This is completely additional, and if you do not want our textlink back to our website to be displayed at the bottom of your website then you can buy this item to get rid of the link which says "Powered by SNetworks PHP Classifieds". This is a legal authorized agreement for branding on your site. Removal without this authorized and signed letter will voilates the terms and conditions and your script may stop working at certain time. SNetworks may suspend your license without prior notification upon revelation if unauthorized removal is made. Please note that the branding is only for the font-end section of the classifieds website. It does not let's you have your own brand name on the admin panel (back-end). Therefore, your admin panel will sitll have the SNetworks name anyway, which is hidden from normal visitors.

4. Express installation service

An express installation service is done by our professionals with high priority above the regular installation tasks. It not only covers new installation but also any script upgrade. Where your script shall be installed on your server as early as possible after the billing verification period is over (which is upto an hour time) and your server login credentials are received. This item purchase doesn't mean in anyway that your script will be installed immeidately but within the timeframe that may vary between 3-6 hours. SNetworks reserves the rights to cancel or refuse to provide the express installation service at anytime if required where buyer shall be eligible for refund partially or totally. SNetworks will not be held responsible for any loss of website design in case of upgrade if design has been modified externally.

5. Professional installation

A professional installation service is done by our programmer in you server in a good manner. This service also includes script upgrade service beside just new script installation. SNetworks will not be held responsible for any loss of website design in case of upgrade if design has been modified externally. When upgrading, the existing site's categories, subcategories, regions, cities, areas are guaranteed to be tarnsfered into newer version. It comes with moneyback guarantee if customer is not completely satisfied and/or programmer are unable to completely install the classifieds script in your hosting server. No money shall be refunded if SNetworks team member has taken attempt to install/upgrade but there's problem in client's server end. It is completely customer's responsibility to confirm their hosting server compatibility before proceeding. Any eligible refunds will be approved or disapproved on case by case basis only. And this service is considered regular installation service type (unlike Express Installation) and you will be required to allow atleast 48 hours (up to 72 hours) for the task completion. The timeframe is counted only after the payment is made and login credentials are received from the customer.

6. Addons installation service

An unofficial installation service is usually done by our third party trusted web technicians who provide installation for selected add ons modules. The installation timeframe depends on the third party personnel and usually takes from around 48-72 hours. It may take more longer depending from case to case basis. However, the approximate timeframe wil be provided to the buyer which will be an estimated time. SNetworks reserves the rights to refuse any installation and and in such case if installation service is not provided to the buyer then he/she is eligible for full refund.

7. Style customization service

A style customization job is done by our selected web designers according to your requirements and guidance. This customization service includes changes within Fonts, Colours, Sizes, Tables, Buttons, Backgrounds, Logo etc. (CSS only); This service is available in dedicated way through e-mail or live chat (on demand within approximate fixed time for each user. Attempt to modification shall be done maximum of twice and users are requested to provide all the required changes in the beginning to avoid multiple attempts for modification. This service does not includes any modification related to script programming. In-depth designing services shall not be provided. It only includes an elementary level of designing service.

8. Rights on the codes

You should NOT remove, alter or obfuscate any instances of the script's name or copyright notices found in the administration area and PHP source files according to the license rights stated above. Anyway, you are allowed to remove the copyright notice from the end user side of the website (ie. the homepage etc.) by purchase Textlink Removal Authorization only.

9. Script's Support solution

Initially when you buy any of our script suite/license then from the date of purchase, you will receive support up to six months for free. This regular support subscription includes any updates, upgrades, fixes and solutions. The six months validity applies to all types of license/suite purchases. SNetworks reservers full rights to suspend support subscription at anytime without prior notice to the user when terms and conditions are violated in any means. After six months user may continue to receive support package by paying subscription fees. Pleae contact support for more information.

10. Paid Premium support

SNetworks provides premium paid support solution for the customers after their initial free support subscription expires. The fixed monthly fee of $10.00 USD is charged for receiving support level III which covers any updates/upgrades, bugs/error fixes etc. The premium support subscription is available on semi-annually payment term only. It does not includes any program modifications to create/alter (any) existing or new function(s) in the script. But covers fixes that may occur due to any reason for the script itself. Support shall be provided via e-mail, live chat, phone and limited international call back. This service is optional for license holders.

11. Change of Domain name

All regular script suites are granted for a particular domain name only. If you move the script to a new domain, then you should inform SNetworks team about the domain change. Any such transfers without the approval of may void your script suite. This does not applies for Developer's license.

12. Transfer of Ownership

If a website running SNetworks PHP Classifieds is to be transfered to another party (new owner), along with the script, then the license holder should report the transfer to SNetworks team prior taking any action for transfer. Please download the TOL (Transfer of License) form by clicking here before sending the request. SNetworks PHP Classifieds will have the rights to prevent you from transfering the script suite/license and thus the script files to the new party, if the transfer is found to be unacceptable. If approved by SNetworks, the transfer of the website will also involve the transfer of your script license and you will no longer be eligible to use the suite/license any further even if you've owned Developer's license. Each suite is eligible to run particulary by an individual or by one comapny only. Additionally, any such transfers should retain the script's name and all the original copyright notices including those in the administration area as well as the source files and also contain an unaltered copy of script package. Copy of the addons codes are are non-transfer-able but if any paid addons is installed in the transfering copy of the script then shall be granted.

13. Payments to SNetworks does not have it's own billing and accounts department. SNetworks PHP Classifieds uses billing and accounts services provided by third party; business secreterial management service provider. Where all/any payments made to SNetworks Classifieds are handled by third party provider where the third party billing & accounts service provider is not responsible for any product/services deliveries, refunds etc. SNetworks is no way partnered or affiliated with the billing management company except for receiving paid service only. All actual resolution shall be done by contacting to SNetworks billing manager. Any refund requests, chargebacks, disputes etc. (all kind of billing queries) are required to be sent to the biling manager directly instead of contacting the billing company directly. The billing manager of SNetworks can be reached via the contact form or via Customer's Portal.

14. Refunds of transactions

Payments made to are usually final and shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances. This terms applies to all types of license(s)/suites, add ons, items etc. related payments. But if you order installations or any other customization services by our designer or programmer then you may get refunds if only there is any failure where conditions are appliled and subject to approval by SNetworks re-presentative only. SNetworks own complete rights for the decision over situations. If any chargebacks or other transaction issues occurs then your purchased license will be suspended temporarily untill the issue has been resolved by the buyer as soon as possible or within given time period. In many cases, depending on the billing gateway, there maybe settlement fees that needs to be paid by the customer based on the type of chargeback/dispute made against the transaction(s). Any such penalty fee must be paid before the suite/license is/are resumed back to normal state.

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