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Easy To Use Classifieds Script

» Post with or without login

Users can post ads/events on your classifieds site without requiring to register an account. They can verify post via e-mail address if not logging in. Admin can also force to register where they can post ads and manage all their posts within their own account.

» Contrive e-mail templates

You are able to change your default email templates. These includes the automated emails that users receive upon posting an ad and/or other related activity based emails. You can customize as per your own from the admin panel.

» Quick ad response form

When an ad is opened, then the ad can optionally show a reply form. Where the user can get in touch with the ad poster and reply to the ad directly via the form. Where then the response is delivered to the ad poster's e-mail address.

» Easy Installation wizard

The script can be installed in very easy step by step process without needing to know any programming language or coding. The program is coded to do all the hassel work by itself and gives you more time to work with your site than just setting up.

» Easy to post ads or events

Unlike many other classifieds, we've made the ad/event posting form as much simpler as possible to make it easier for the poster. This attract more people when they can post without any specific knowledge.

» Easy logo update

You can now easily upload your logo of your classifieds website via admin panel. Which is represented in every pages of your classifieds website.

» Generate Terms & Privacy

According to standardized terms of use and privacy policy statements that are applicable for almost any classifieds website, this tool allows you to easily generate your website's privacy policies and terms of use for your users. Just answer few list of questions and the script will do the rest of the process to display on your front-end.

» Get updates & upgrades

From the admin homepage, you're able to get live news update of the script releases. Either you're subscribed to our mailling list or not you still get notified if there's an upgrade or any important update that needs action. The message is strictly & sercurely released from our server.

» Publish RSS feeds

You can widen spread your ads posting by allowing your users to subscribe to your RSS feeds for any specific category. Someone interested in Cars can subscribe to Cars category to receive latest ad posts via RSS feed automatically. Script does the publishing work automatically for you.

» Faster rich-text editor

Uses a safer rich text editor in posting ad/event form. Which allows your users to enhance their ads look without distorting your website's layout unlike many other website. It also helps prevent any hacking/injection attempt.

» Easy payment setup

The script by default uses Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) feature. The script activates ad/event posts instantly upon receiving payment confirmation (on-the-fly). You just need to provide your paypal e-mail address to take effect.

» Adding categories easily

You are able to add your own categories and sub-categories easily using the admin user interface in one by one basis. And/or you can simply upload a txt (text file) via the admin panel to upload them in bulk.

» Auto Clean-Up Ads

Using cron jobs, the script automatically deletes all the expired ads in pre-defined time which can be every day or every week or twice a day etc.

» Re-order category columns

You can re-order the category and subcategories list in homepage to be displayed alphabetically or custom position from the admin panel.

» Set max. characters limit

Prevent lengthy titles and very long ads or events by setting character limits. Set limits for title, description & short desc. displayed in listing page.

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